Fishtown Engagement

Amanda & Michael started off their photo shoot in their beautifully restored Fishtown row home. They, with their home, seriously take hip to a new level. With their pets as fixtures in many of the photos, it's almost like I was just walking into a normal evening of theirs. This is why I can't say enough good about home sessions - couples automatically feel comfortable enough to be themselves off the bat and are willing teibreak through that wall of feeling awkward in front of the camera. So that's what we did! And they nailed it! There were so many goodies that it was truly difficult narrowing them down into a tight blog. Then we perused around Fishtown a bit afterwards and had some fun running in front of car headlights under the railway to get some naturally dangerous backlit shots. It wouldn't be a photo shot with me if we didn't get a little edgy. Thanks for reading and enjoy!


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