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I find beauty in all of our surroundings and I’m completely addicted to capturing ‘the decisive moment’.

I'm inspired by love, humanity and the ride life takes us on.  Allow me to capture yours <3


Serving the East Coast and beyond.



Stay Fresh

Aside from my photo journey over the last decade, I’ve spent the last 5+ years shooting & editing weddings for a well-known boutique photo studio. This has exposed me to a variety of styles as well as the wedding industry at large. I can layout an entire wedding day, not to mention your wedding album, from start to finish.

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Inspired by Love

When it comes to paying tribute to your wedding, family, or story to be told in the form of photographs, I’m here. I'm honored that my camera & I get to be your witnesses.


The Goods

I’ll let you in on a trade secret...

Two of the most important factors in photography are:

l i g h t   t i m e.

I could talk about light for days!

Time is of the essence. I carefully plan the day according to photos so it fits and flows with the day rather than fights it.



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